Employee Engagement & Task Management

mployees are the heartbeat of any business. Getting the most out of your employees directly influences how effectively and efficiently you are able to run your day to day operations. Using modern technology and some well thought out design, RevealiQ has unified the workforce with a single access point. The entire team is able to get on the same page regarding the most important tasks to be completed by day, week, month or quarter.

Setting Direction & Managing Activity

Management can set tasks by employee across various locations with a description of the task to be completed and a ranking regarding the importance of the task to the business. The iQ Dashboard provides Management with clear visual reports to easily track employee performance. Management can assess tasks that have not been assigned, have been assigned but not yet completed or have been completed. Employees benefit with RevealiQ because they have clarity regarding what tasks need attention and when they need to be completed.
Performance Management

Management gets the added benefit of assessing the strength and capabilities of their workforce. Managers are able to use this added intelligence to better coach, performance manage, hire and redeploy resources as needed. RevealiQ mobile application flexibility ensures real time access is available at any time with the ability to provide updates via email or text when tasks are due.