Insight into Expenses & P&L

Businesses that are heavily reliant upon equipment up-time and vendor support are often engaged in business models that operate on thin margins. Getting proactive in expense management and having clear insight into the drivers that impact profit & loss performance can have significant impact on performance. RevealiQ offers managers the ability to gain confidence and get proactive in expense forecasting while understanding the impact their decisions and investments are having on their P&L.

Improved Expense Forecasting

Quickly gather and analyze vast amounts of historic and real time equipment performance data through easy to use charts and graphs that provide clarity to support improved decision making. Use the iQ Dashboard to assess the total maintenance costs for each piece of equipment while reporting against depreciation schedules. Easily evaluate return on investment, forecast future maintenance costs and project the remaining useful life of the asset.

P&L Insight

Gain incredible insight into the underlying positive and negative performance drivers impacting P&L. Every equipment maintenance event, critical employee task and vendor action is tracked through RevealiQ. In turn, the data tied to each of these interactions can be evaluated in the context of performance. Manipulate the data by date range, business location, employee task type, equipment type and vendor investment. Historically, evaluating underlying P&L drivers has involved significant labor and time with limited empirical data to support confident conclusions. The iQ Dashboard makes P&L analysis an easy and rewarding exercise that will build your P&L confidence.