Technical Considerations

RevealiQ is a SaaS based, mobile application with managed information stored in your own private cloud based account. This means that any business regardless of size can get started and quickly gain benefits without significant financial, technical or manpower investments. To support a comprehensive, world class operations management strategy, the following points are important to consider:

MOBILE ACCESS – RevealiQ is designed to be accessed via most mobile devices such as iPhone™, iPad™, and Samsung Galaxy™. Our commitment to develop RevealiQ from the ground up as a responsive site ensures that mobile access is always available and delivers a positive experience

TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE REQUIREMENTS – None are needed. RevealiQ is a SaaS based solution, which means we take care of the cost and support for application and infrastructure investments. This delivers a much lower cost of entry for our customers while eliminating on-going maintenance investments

SECURITY – Reveal iQapplication software works within our security infrastructure. In turn, we are positioned to operationally defend against internal and external threats. We employ the same security measures used by financial institutions such as Visa™ and MasterCard™

PRIVACY – Your hosted information is never shared or sold to any third party. Each customer has their own dedicated private account and server instance accessed and managed entirely separate from all other customer accounts

DATA GOVERNANCE – Data managed by RevealiQ is not modified or altered in any way by Creative Core Technologies. The customer controls the data integrity and is responsible for any changes that occure over time

BACKING UP YOUR DATA – We keep replicas of production and management VMware™ to ensure your data is always backed up

PERFORMANCE – RevealiQ code is written to take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3, which optimizes performance and responsive design

INTEROPERABILITY – RevealiQ is designed to take advantage of APIs to support interoperability with other systems within your workflow

UPGRADESRevealiQ is a SaaS based application, which means that all upgrades are seamless and typically come at no incremental cost to you. In turn, you can quickly and easily gain access to application improvements with little to no effort on your end