The Vendor Portal – Simplified Vendor Management & Support

Setting Vendor Priorities
– Reveal
iQ provides a single interactive portal for shared information between the vendor and management. Similar to employee task assignments, management can assign vendor tasks, due dates and priorities for vendors. Managers can quickly assess what tasks have been assigned, are coming due, are not completed or completed on time. The portal interacts with the vendor’s mobile device to provide seamless, realtime exchange with your vendor network.

Improved Vendor Communication
– RevealiQ improves communication across your vendor network thereby helping you get the most out of your vendor team. Vendors can obtain trusted data including historical information about the account and location. In turn, your vendor network is positioned to proactively engage with critical insight to best approach your business needs. The vendor is able to act independently in a focused and timely manner without disrupting business management for information that is otherwise readily available.